Dan Kaufmann, a professor of business and entrepreneurship, was long intrigued by the power technology has to revolutionize our public spaces 

“I frequently look at our streets and squares and am amazed by how little technology they incorporate to bring people together. Passersby are so busy with their screens and personal space that they have few opportunities to interact with strangers and enrich their public experience”.

When he first saw a public piano on the streets of Geneva he was amazed by the power it had to bring people together around the universal language of music. But just as soon as people got used to the piano it was whisked away – a classical piano unfortunately cannot live long when exposed to rain, wind and sun.

After years of developing the design, structure, and intellectual property he met Evelyn Rubin, former venture capitalist and music enthusiast who fell in love with the concept of the world’s first concrete piano and joined him to bring permanent pianos to public spaces worldwide.

“I am amazed by how pianos reflect their immediate surroundings, and tell a unique story of the spaces in which they reside. A permanent piano has the potential to mirror its community while bringing people together for a short interlude or drawn out jam session”.

In August 2017, the Jerusalem municipality installed the first Cadenza piano to overwhelmingly enthusiastic response of citizens and tourists, Jews and Arabs, old and young. We have subsequently installed pianos in locations throughout Israel, from Sapir College in the south to Karmiel in the north.. An online community of music lovers sprung up where people share their experiences playing. And thus Cadenza was born. Come rain or shine, come play.



Dan is an expert in innovation management, and is currently Head of the Entrepreneurship Program at Sapir College in Israel. He has established and led multiple research and social initiatives. Dan has served as a consultant on innovation to leading international institutions including the World Bank and OECD.


Evelyn brings many years of experience from the Israeli technology and venture capital industry. She was formerly the Business Development Partner at OurCrowd, an international equity crowdfunding platform. Prior to that she was an associate at international venture capital firm JVP. She has five children and a love of Liszt.


Meir has 20 years’ experience in varied business roles spanning business development, sales, customer managements, pre sale and project management for leading international hi-tech companies in a variety of markets around the world. He was formerly Regional Sales Director, APAC for Amdocs.


Vladi is a practical engineer specializing in communication. He has over 15 years of experience working to the highest military standards of compliance in the airspace sector.


David is an experienced community manager and video editor. He speaks multiple languages fluently, and is currently writing a biographical novel about the oldest Holocaust survivor in Jerusalem.