The Company

Cadenza was founded in November 2016 by Dr. Dan Kaufmann with the goal of making pianos a permanent fixture in the public domain. In August 2017 our first piano made of glass fiber reinforced concrete was installed in Jerusalem, Israel.  We have received funding from the Israel Innovation Authority to develop a second generation of highly durable pianos for public spaces.  The legendary Billy Joel once said that music is "an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." We have built our pianos to ignite this magic wherever people encounter people.


Our first piano is located at Bar Kochba Square at the intersection of Jaffa Road and Queen Shlomzion Street in front of the landmark Generali Building.  Eden (Jerusalem Central Development Company) and the Municipality of Jerusalem have been instrumental in installation of our first piano.

The Team



Dr. Dan Kaufmann, Founder & CEO

Dan is an expert in innovation management, and is currently Head of the Entrepreneurship Program at Sapir College in Israel. He has established and led multiple research and social initiatives. Dan has served as a consultant on innovation to leading international institutions including the World Bank and OECD.





Evelyn brings many years of experience from the Israeli technology and venture capital industry.  She was formerly the Business Development Partner at OurCrowd, an international equity crowdfunding platform. Prior to that she was an associate at international venture capital firm JVP. She has five children and a love of Liszt.