From city squares to campus quads, Cadenza’s smart outdoor pianos can add magic and joy to any shared space.

Picture of a Cadenza's piano


Fostering Connections

In today's world, municipalities and city councils worldwide, increasingly recognize the power of music in public spaces to unite people, whether they are residents or tourists, while also strengthening the city's social, communal, and cultural fabric.

Cadenza's pianos placed throughout the city bring a delightful symphony of sounds and melodies to public areas, drawing in audiences and fostering musical activities that contribute to the city's communities, cultural vibrancy, and economic vitality.

Whether in parks or along the oceanfront promenade, our pianos seamlessly blend with their surroundings, offering both locals and visitors moments of music and tranquility in the open air.

When in city squares, our pianos create a joyous and culturally rich atmosphere for impromptu performances, where groups of musicians come together for jam sessions and showcase a diverse array of local talents, leaving the large crowds gathered around thoroughly delighted.

Picture of a Cadenza's piano


A Joyful Gathering Place

Recreational and commercial hubs, along with cultural, hospitality, and transportation centers, serve as perennial meeting points and attractions for visitors and passersby. Cadenza's pianos harmoniously blend into these environments, making them ideal for installation in open-air shopping centers, indoor malls, train stations, airports, corporate campuses, amusement parks, sports and cultural facilities, hospitals, hotels, hostels, event venues, public institutions, and beyond.

The street pianos placed within these settings provide a warm and accessible gathering point that fosters human connections and offers moments of happiness and serenity, alleviating the daily stresses and delivering an enjoyable and soothing musical experience to those passing through or staying in these spaces.

Picture of a Cadenza's piano


Connecting Campus and Community

When introduced to educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, and campuses, Cadenza's piano brings an air of magnificence to the grounds, swiftly evolving into an informal gathering spot and an inherent element of the location's social tapestry. The piano's presence in this environment beckons students to come together, fostering opportunities for acquaintances to connect and co-create meaningful musical moments.

The piano paves the way for self-expression and creativity among students while serving as a natural platform for al fresco classes and workshops. Additionally, the instrument can be linked to an external sound system, facilitating its use in campus ceremonies and musical events throughout the entire year.

Picture of a Cadenza's piano


Bringing Music to the World

Music, being a universal language, knows no bounds, and Cadenza is here to share the enchantment of the piano with people anywhere around the globe.

Our solar-powered pianos can be effortlessly installed in virtually any location worldwide, offering individuals the chance to discover harmony and connection through music and nature. You can play our pianos on a mountaintop, at a scenic viewpoint in nature, in a secluded backyard, atop a skyscraper, at a ski resort in the sky, within a national park, amidst a forest, on the beach, and in any other place your imagination can reach.

We encourage you to close your eyes, listen to the melodies, and dream of encountering a Cadenza piano in the most unexpected and remarkable setting.

Picture of a Cadenza's piano

For cities

More than ever, municipalities across the globe are seeing the potential of music to connect people – residents and tourists alike.

Cadenza pianos on boardwalks and on promenades offer lyrical soundtracks to your city’s stunning seascapes and vistas, attracting crowds that support local businesses. In parks, our solar-powered pianos blend beautifully with the green, meditative spaces. Placed in city squares, they take on a whole new dimension – creating a space for cultural performances and impromptu jam sessions.

Picture of a Cadenza's pianoPicture of a Cadenza's pianoPicture of a Cadenza's piano

For Institutions

Independent Spaces are transformed into hubs of creativity and inspiration when endowed with Cadenza outdoor pianos.

Situated on educational campuses, our pianos create focal points for students to collect themselves, connect with one another, and create moments to remember – whether between classes or during the weekend lull. Private companies can also enjoy the magic of Cadenza to bring their teams together, creating greater workplace fulfillment and camaraderie. Hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and treatment facilities can offer their patients and families a welcome distraction and infuse an otherwise sterile environment with a taste of humanity.

Picture of a Cadenza's pianoPicture of a Cadenza's pianoPicture of a Cadenza's piano

For anywhere

Music is truly the international language. Cadenza connects people through the power of piano, anywhere you can imagine.

Cadenza pianos can be located anywhere people look to connect. Public transportation hubs can leverage Cadenza’s smart pianos to offer commuters a moment of peace and tranquility amidst the chaos of city life, allowing a moment of creative expression in an otherwise cacophonous environment. Amusement parks, sports stadiums, hospitals, tourist sites – wherever people congregate, a Cadenza piano can connect them.

Picture of a Cadenza's pianoPicture of a Cadenza's pianoPicture of a Cadenza's piano


Cadenza’s interactive pianos encourage both passersby and performers to create and share spontaneous musical moments that showcase the unique magic of every location.


Each Cadenza piano reflects the space in which it is installed, creating unique, engaging musical experiences for every community.